We are in the business of supporting  ‘sophistication‘, we help you to enhance your “Business Sophistication“. Doing business with status-quo beliefs will not help you earn a competitive advantage. You need to identify concepts and elements that would enhance the sophistication of your business. Sophistication is separated with a hair-line gap, you will not identify immediately, which becomes a blind spot for you.

We work on the following philosophy;


We extend “Positive Growth” support through Consultancies under Organizational Development principles. We introduce new concepts and provide knowledge & tools for business to do the  Right thing.

Reduce your admin cost in the range of 20% by “Doing Business Paperless”

We have broken the code for “Doing Business Paperless“. On one hand context, the legal environment is ready making working without paper a Right for us. On the other hand, technology is more than ready. We will support you to convert your organisation to go paperless.

Get the best from your IT investments 

IT project was identified as failing 65% of the time. However, IT has the capacity to provide leverage to businesses. We have had a fresh look at the problem and identified a way to assess the impact of IT on business and developing a road map for obtaining enhanced benefits from IT.

Along with that, we have devised a fresh body of knowledge for IT users, to be effective in dealing with IT professionals.

Craft your creative firm

Creativity is the most sought after competency today. Now the creativity movement has shifted from being a personal trait to organizational competency. We will help you convert your firm to a Creative Firm, especially with the help of our proprietary (patents pending) design thinking framework which we named as “Dumb Bell mushroom“.

Further, our “Assured Training Benefit Model” (ATBM) is an alternative framework you can adapt if you wish to rationalize benefit from training within your firm.

Gamification support, we provide will help you to get your people engaged. We are the only company in Sri Lanka, with Certified Gamification Experts.