We are in the business of supporting ¬†‘sophistication‘, we help you to enhance your “Business Sophistication“. Doing a business with status-quo beliefs will not help you earn a competitive advantage. You need to identify concepts and elements that would enhance the sophistication of your business. Sophistication is separated with a hair-line gap, you will not identify immediately, which becomes a blind spot for you.

We work on following philosophy;


We extend “Positive Growth” ¬†support through Consultancies under Organizational Development principles. our consultancies shall draw concepts from Operations Management, IT, IS, HR, Project Management, General Management, Leadership, and many areas required for the success of business.

Training for your management and staff we offer will cover the areas mentioned above under consultancies and will be highly focussed on business results you aspire to achieve. Training effectiveness will be measured with a Key Learning Point (KLP) based methodologies.

Further, our “Assured Training Benefit Model” (ATBM) is an alternative framework you can adapt if you wish to rationalize benefit from trainings within your firm.

Gamification support, we provide will help you to get your people engaged. We are the only company in Sri Lanka, with Certified Gamification Experts.

People assessment solution and Business simulation based training, as well are cutting edge technologies we provide to enhance your Business Sophistication.