Time to look at IT differently

I was an IT Manager, then became a HR Manager and became a simple IT user in business environment. Then a surprise hits me. The IT professionals who do not know about my IT background, were pulling tricks on me. Basically, they were making false excuses. Initially i got worked up, yet gradually I was capable of pulling together myself and worked with them to get the results expected for my operation in the company.

Bottom line is that IT professionals use the (pardon me) ignorance of the users about IT and take advantage for IT professionals to be comfortable. A basic fact in IT that I used to practice when I was in IT was that if IT professional sweat, then we make user’s life comfortable. If IT professional sits comfortably, the user’s life will be a hell. That what those IT professionals are doing, they try to be comfortable. Then you know what happen to the user.

Over the years, I used my experience and created a Body of Knowledge for IT Users (BOK-ITU). This body of knowledge is not the knowledge that IT professionals are learning. If a user can learn what IT professional is learning, it would be Okay. However, then the user is learning the side of the IT professional and not the side of the user. Such will help the users to become IT professional, not to become a user. So, user becomes an IT professional users’ expectation will eventually suffer.

Owing to this, in order for users to gain control over the IT implementation, and importantly to get the expected results, BOK-ITU will increase the ability of the user to effectively negotiate with IT professional. Following are the elements of BOK-ITU;

  • Understanding the level of impact from IT
  • Shifting the paradigm of Information Systems
  • How users should take part in the Systems Development Life Cycle
  • Understanding at components of MIS in the perspective of business
  • Importance of Database for MIS and understanding the relational databases
  • End user computing for quick information retrieval for user
  • Understanding IT acceptance and use through the perspective of  sensemaking
  • Understanding emerging technologies and their impact on transformation intensity

Right-X provide BOK-ITS as a training to organizations.

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