Traditional consultancy Vs OD

I have seen many consultancy projects that are very expensive. Nature of a traditional consultancy is that the consultant comes and study the firm and gives us a recommendation. Biggest problem in this approach is the management of the firm is not aware of the solution in the recommendation. So naturally the buy-in of the managers is low. Thus, the report never gets implemented and gather dust in some one’s drawer.

In contrast to this methodology, Organization Development (OD) is a unique way of making a change inside a firm. OD consultant makes a special relationship with the firm.

  1. He has to act as an external consultant in the project, yet the people inside should feel that he is a part of the firm
  2. The consultant exercises relative-equity on the knowledge. The consultant never considers oneself is having a superior knowledge. They use the knowledge of the people inside and respect them.
  3. OD uses a skill building approach, where during the consultancy the project team of the firm develop the skills and knowledge required for the change, and thus the project becomes institutionalized within the firm. Basically, the buy-in of managers will be high.

We use the OD method for the solutions deliver by Right-X (Pvt) Ltd.

OD has specific tools required to make a change, we will discuss in another issue of the True North newsletter.

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