Business simulations

Business simulations give a virtual environment for business managers to test /learn their decision-making skills in a virtual business environment.

No one can give an assurance, that managers who were trained with varying methods with substantial investment, would make the right decision when the context demands. For such to happen, decision making under pressure should have become a habit.

Building habits take people to do things frequently. The only way to get managers to make decisions under a competitive environment is to simulate a competitive market. Business Simulation we offer gives you exactly the same. The business simulation we offer will enable the business managers to run the business for 12 years, where at the end of each year managers can observe the final accounts and the shareholder value resulted by their decisions.

Simulations are designed for generally for management and for specific industry situations. Options available are as follows;

Management and strategy



Industry specific

We are offering CESIM simulations to Sri Lanka with the partnership with Adam Innovations Co. Ltd. 

CESIM simulation is not playing against the computer, the competitive environment was created with several businesses operating in the same environment. Business results are calculated based on the competitive dynamics created by all companies making competitive businesses.