Next level manager

What, why and how

First time in Sri Lanka, we are offering ‘Business Simulations’ to train managers and managers to be. Business simulations we provide are customized to the salience of specific industries. So trainees will get the exact experience of making decisions related to the business they are in. Their competencies will be developed with a high focus.

Usually managers are trained through teaching of management concepts & experiential learning. There is no assurance that they will use what they learned when the context demands. Fact being that such methods do not build habits of making the Right decision. What we focus is to build such habits in a simulated business environment.

How we build habits is to give trainees the opportunity to make decisions within the real market conditions and immediately show the results of their decisions, while repeating this cycle. Followed by assessing and developing their competencies to match to the required level so they will build habits of making the Right decision. Simulating a market does not mean the trainees are playing against a computer. Multiple groups in a virtual environment will manage multiple companies where real market dynamics are simulated.

Our learning architecture 

We have compiled a sophisticated learning architecture to give our trainees the freedom for learning.

Our training model

We uses for step, cyclic training model for the development of managers and managers to be.

Our training model uses a world class business simulation specifically catered for the business you are in. Further, we use a sophisticated competency assessment platform to assess the competency gaps. Together, the trainees will take decisions in a simulated volatile market and develop their competencies in a cyclic manner. They will learn by making decisions applicable for a real business.