Doing Busiess paperless

What is it?

Businesses are using paper in their processes. Paper attract huge costs. Businesses had expectations that IT will help them to eliminate paper form business processes and make savings. If they could eliminate paper form their processes, saving above 20% could be made. Eliminating paper entails keeping them in electronic forms, transmitting them through email. However, even though both are possibilities when businesses discuss the initiative in detail, they were getting stuck in on place and they drop the idea. So “Doing Business Paperless” has been a dream among organisations.

What are the costs of using paper

The environmental cost of using paper

What hinders this initiative

What is the purpose of using paper

We considered this question in greater detail. The ultimate conclusion is that people use paper when they want evidence. If you do not want evidence, you do not need to generate a paper in businesses.

Is “Doing Business paperless” a possibility today

The law is ready today

The legal framework in countries is reforming. Lawmakers have facilitated the acceptance of electronic evidence in courts, making electronic contracts, using multimedia elements as evidence.

If the courts are accepting electronic evidence, citizens of the country, including corporate citizens have the right to use paperless pieces of evidence anywhere.

This simple argument makes “Doing business paperless” possible today.

Technology is more than ready

Technology is matured. Thus, technology will facilitate not only we working without paper, even to have more means of maintaining evidence, the primary purpose of we using paper.

However, if the technology is not used in proper approaches, it may cause losses to your business. For instance, if you do not use appropriate security in email, anyone who has access to a router can send a mail under your name.

An individual with the right tools can reproduce any documentary evidence, stored in electronic media.  Thus, appropriate measures should be used when using electronic evidence or using electronic documents.

The appropriate measures

Laws that facilitate electronic evidence has given specific guidelines when you are going to present evidence in front of courts. Considering going to courts as the worst case for a piece of evidence, if using electronic evidence complies to such guidelines, businesses can use paper.

We at right-X has cracked the code of “Doing business paperless”. We will help you to make savings by eliminating paper form your business.