eNewsletter platform

Electronic newsletters plays a big role in today’s communication agenda. You can start a newsletter for your company as well. You may target your employees or customers through your newsletter.

Our nEwsletter platform is capable of designing an electronic newsletter like an attractive web page.  Web page like newsletter will be distributed in a eMail message, not as an attachment but in the body of the eMail message. eNewsltter can be content rich with multimedia, and liked to blogs.

We either can provide you with the platform+Training for you to run the newsletter on your own, or we may completely undertake to do it for you, and there are other options in between these two options.

True Noth newsletter of Right-X (Pvt) Ltd, is an example newsletter. You can subscribe to True North netter to have a look and feel of the facility, or view the past issues of the True North newsletter here.