IT use mediation

IT projects world over, has not being able to give users the expected results at a rate of 65% in average. This is a huge burden on businesses who expect to take their activities to next level. Disciplines to help technology providers has matured, while the sciences of helping users has been given less prominence in the market. Our aim is to help the uses side of the IT-USER equation.

We provide our support in following areas

IT tool evaluation mediation

We will help you to assess proposals for IT tools using the knowledge that are not exposed to users. For instance design of the database determines seamless expansion of the functionality of the Information System. Often the request from users were turned down by vendors due to the restrictions in the database

Contract mediation
Contract you draw with the vendor plays a vital role in the future if the IT project. Our experience in managing such will assure that customers rights are protected at the continuance of the project.

Use mediation

User involvement in an IT project become intensified at post delivery. This stage is filled with arguments and dissatisfactions among the users. In many cases users tend to give up IT tools at personal level and resort to how they have been doing things or fake the usage of the IT tools.

An important aspect of user taking over the IT application is testing. Once user acceptance testing is confirmed, the users practically commit that the application is working. Our experiences shows that unstructured testing will leave untested program routines untested, and such may crop up after 10 or 15 years. Data correction of past events will cost in millions in such cases.

Thus, greater mediation should be provided at this stage to make sure that users get an IT today will increase the effectiveness of their job. We support you to bring exactly same.

Project re-railing mediation

Projects which are stalled or derailed require lots of effort to bring them on to rails. At this stage giving up will be very expensive. We will help you to study the project to be re-railed.