Meassring benefit from your IT investment

Why do businesses use IT

Human has been using technology to make their life comfortable. On top of that, enhancing the quality of life as well as expected from technology. This is true in the case of human discovering fire, inventing the wheel, and even in the case of adapting Information Technology.

Businesses expect leverage from IS for their operations. Expect to accomplish tasks with lesser effort, know things better, and do things in an effective manner. These are among the top priorities of businesses when they want to adopt IT facilities.

Only 35% of IT project are identified as successful world over.

How could we improve the success rate

We have looked into this extensively. We as well believe “what gets measured, gets improved”.  thus, the basis for improvement is measuring an IS implementation. We developed a framework to measure the IS impact on a firm.

Our framework measures the following aspects.

  1. The extent to which the IS covers the business events
  2. How comprehensively the system stores data, in a way that supports future reporting requirements.
  3. The level at which the IS fill fills the informational requirement for the firm
  4. strength and the agility of the IS, if IS is capable of expanding seamlessly
  5. How does IS support the decisions of different levels of management
  6. What type of impacts the IS has made on the firm
  7. Critical evaluation of important aspects of IS implementation, looking into the content of IS, method of implementation, targeted stakeholders, and the consequences of IS implementation.
  8. qualitative assessment of user experience with the system
  9. How far does the system support users to extract information at user’s will
  10. Analysis of the service contract with the IS provider, to understand if the firm is empowered to get a good service.
  11. Measurement of the service quality of received from the vendor, based on SERVQUAL standard of service quality measurement.
  12. Identification of overall level of companies digital transformation, considering the investment made on IT and the level of transformation achieved.

What a client will receive

We will provide you with a measurement of the present IS implementation under the above framework, and give you recommendations as to how things could be improved.

We will help to develop users to effectively deal with IT professionals

We will mediate the IS use

Even we will help to break deadlocks in IS projects